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How yield is sourced

Phoenix parks capital on high quality decentralised exchanges (Dex) where people are buying and selling digital assets around the clock. This is done in an opportunistic manner, prioritising security and stability, over returns. Some of the top dexes/automated-market-maker protocols with links to live liquidity pools are presented below.



The largest decentralised exchange and most reputable, Uniswap sees a flow of billions in volumes daily across a range of decentralised assets. Here is a link to a live SAAS pool under the Phoenix program where capital is deployed on-chain and is providing the necessary liquidity for trades to happen, on Uniswap.

Security audit of smart contract


TraderJoe is a popular, secure decentralised exchange which offers automated-market-maker solutions which allow programs like Phoenix to connect and offer liquidity in pools, in order to generate yield. Here is a link to the top pool on this decentralised exchange. Please click on the Analytics tab for detailed information.

Security audit of smart contract



1-inch is a popular decentralised exchange with a range of solutions for traders; one of them being automated-market-making. Phoenix, depending on specific market conditions, can connect and provide liquidity on pools here in order to generate yield. Here is a link to live pools on 1-inch.

Security audit of smart contract

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