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Our Mission

To flip the coin in passive investing and empower retail investors to become the broker and offer liquidity in the trade of global digital currencies, thereby earning a passive yield.

Yes. The game is rigged.

It is no surprise that between 70-95% of retail traders lose money, whether in crypto or outside it. Regardless of the underlying asset they are investing in, be it CFDs, common shares, FX, bonds, ETFs, tokens or others, speculative trading is hard work. Being consistently more right (than wrong) requires incredible discipline, a continuously adaptive strategy that changes as and when markets do and strict emotional discipline. Brokers will regularly stop hunt and change spread on traders, lure them in with excessive leverage and do what is necessary to ensure the house wins.

On top of that, counter-party risks always exist and nowhere is this more apparent than in the crypto space, unless funds are parked in decentralised smart contracts - and even then - bad actors can govern outcomes.

The Phoenix project upends passive investing on many fronts. Our app makes you the broker, in a globally audited multi-billion-dollar market where thousands of traders and investors use hundreds of decentralised exchanges to transact in top cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC and more.

Each transaction that happens is on-chain and you earn a fractional fee every minute. This is the case whether markets are rising or falling. In fact, in periods of market distress, fees may rise exponentially, as volumes increase substantially. This is what makes Phoenix' liquidity mining unique as all of this happens at the touch of a button.

Unlike some other yield programs, there are no lockups or restrictions. Both your capital and fees can be withdrawn within hours. Therefore, there is no counter-party risk.

The Solution

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